In Kansas City, St. Louis, and Dayton, Ohio

In Kansas City, St. Louis, and Dayton, Ohio visiting family for the holidays.

PSI Basic in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, California from December 11th to 14th to attend a PSI Basic personal development seminar.

Internet Down

Bear with me until October 15th. I've been on the road and my internet connection at home has been down for around a month. :-( So I've been unable to upload any new files to the web server.

370 Yards at World Long Drive Championship District Finals

Finished 40th (370 yards) out of 58 at the district finals. The top 4 went to worlds. Get another shot in 2.5 weeks.

Up to 144 mph

Had 45" driver swing speed measured at 144mph! In April I topped at 127mph and in January topped at about 120mph. 150mph is world class in the long drive arena...going to shoot for 160!

Advanced Through World Long Drive Championship Local Qualifier

Advanced through local qualifying to the district finals for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. If I get through districts, I'll be going to the world championships on ESPN!

81 in First Pro Event on Pepsi Tour

Birdied the first hole and shot a 38-43=81 in my first event as a pro on the Pepsi Tour at Los Robles Greens Golf Course.

Gotta start somewhere!

Long Drivers of America Tour Event

In Sacramento, California. Got the flu and missed qualifying for the Long Drivers of America Tour event by 1 spot. :-(

395 Yards in Oklahoma Long Drive Competition

Set a new personal and competitive record for longest drive in a grid or fairway by blasting a ball 395 yards in an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma long driving contest!!

Won Pinnacle Distance Challenge 381 Yards

Finished 1st (381 yards in grid - 3 balls) out of 124 competitors in the Pinnacle Distance Challenge in St. Louis, MO!

330 Yards - 4th Out of 40 Competitors

Finished 4th (331 yards in grid - 6 balls) out of ~40 competitors in a Goodyear, AZ long driving contest.

Month Long Golf Trip

Beginning a month-long long distance contest road trip to Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and Houston.

My Full Swing - Back View

Turning Pro - Finished 2nd ALDA

After 6 months of hard work, I've decided to turn pro for long drive!!!

Finished 2nd (655 yards - best 2 drives in grid - 6 balls) in an ALDA sponsored long drive contest at Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler, AZ!

Eagle at The Cascades

Eagled the 293-yard par 4 3rd hole at The Cascades by hitting a 3W off the tee to 5ft and making the putt!!!

1st Long Drive Competition - 342 Yards

Finished 8th (342 yards in the grid - winner at 367 yards) out of over 100 competitors in my first long drive contest in Phoenix, Arizona!!!

In Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri

In Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri to visit family and friends from May 1st to 14th.

Rest Days

After working to some extent every day for the last 3 months, I took off April 2nd to 6th to rejuvenate.

New Record - 393 Yard Drive

Once again set a new personal record for longest drive in the fairway.

This one went 393 yards!!!

69 - First Time Under Par

Shot one under par for a 69 (35-34) beating my previous best of 73! First time under par on 9 and 18 holes! Also had a personal best 5 birdies!!!

New Record - 377 Yard Drive

Broke old record for longest drive in the fairway of 358 yards with a new one of 377 yards!

Looks like the new driver is doing the trick!

Documentary Filming Starts Today

The Hollywood production company begins filming the golf documentary today!

I'm Mr. FItness

Pick up a copy of the "Exercise For Men Only - Fit For Life" magazine in newstands across America and see the man they call Mr. Fitness May 2003!!!

New Personal Best 73

Shot a 73 beating my previous best 18 hole score of 74! Shot par(36) for the first time ever on 9 holes!

New Personal Best 74

Shot a 74 beating my previous best 18 hole score of 78!

One Month Training in the Bag

One month of golf training is in the bag!

Runner-Up at Lost Canyons

Took Runner-Up in the Lost Canyons 2-Man Scramble (either gross or net - I forget).

27th Birthday

It's my 27th birthday!!!