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Discover how Jaacob Bowden's golf swing speed training programs have revolutionized golf fitness since 2007. Winner of multiple Golf Fitness Association of America (GFAA) awards, Jaacob's innovative approach has consistently delivered top industry results. Explore testimonials below to see how even basic training can elevate your game.

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"I'm in my fifth week of the workout and people I golf with have been amazed at my improvements with my driver and three wood. I'm 76 and have increased distance so much that I had to buy a 58 degree wedge because my approach shots have gotten so close to the greens that I need to be able to chip balls high to stop on the greens. So far I've had two people and an instructor ask me for the website and three others in their sixties have asked me what resistance bands I used as well as the website for your workout. Thanks again." - @jamesringgold8823

"Your speed programs are insane, im up to about 120 in 2 weeks i hit 125 the other day.  i started at around 114 but its only been 4 workouts haha and its effortless... i drove a semi downhill dogleg left 365 yard hole the other day all carry, the ball mark was in the middle of the green." - Fred T

"Hello just to let you know after your basic training i have gone from 82mph to 100mph."  - B Singh

"Hi i joined your sight about 10 days ago and just wanted to say thank you i have been using your basic training but a bit more than just the 4 days a week, i was shooting around 20 over par and driving bout 220yards 10 days ago, i am now shooting about 14 over par and driving on average 270, i never thought i make this big an improvement in 10 days! thank you" - Luke D

"Just wanted to say thanks again.  I now drive easily between 260 and 270 yards on a drive.  I have hit 300 yards three times this summer each one straight.  My last nine hole round (yesterday) I shot a 40 on a par-35 9-hole course.  My best over a month ago was 7 over par on an 18-hole par-61 course."
"Last Monday (yesterday - Labor Day) I smoothed out the drive swing a little, practice some drives, and then played eighteen holes.  I hit two drives for 320 yards and one for 300 yards!  I almost could not believe it.  The ground was soft and fairly level, and the grass was a little high; so my drive may have gone farther if the grass had been cut.   My golf partner was so shocked he started asking my advice on his drives.  What a day!  Just had to let you know." - Jay D, 54 years old, 18 handicap
"Hi Jaacob, I am 52 yrs old with a 5 handicap.  I joined your website in early December with a 112mph swing.  Today,using your basic speed training I had a swing speed of 121mph." - Randy C

"Jaacob Bowden has put together a program that doesn't exist anywhere else. He understands the relationship between strength and speed better than any other instructor I've encountered. After less than a month of doing the workouts I was hitting the ball to places I had never been before on my local golf course. My distance improved from 250 yards to 290 yards-and I had several drives over 300 yards. At my age, I never expected to get longer. The workouts were easy to do and took less than 15 minutes." - Phil R, 55 years old, 10 handicap

"I'm pleased to say that I was only 133 at first but am already up to 142 after 7 days." - Jeremy C

"Not often do i meet people who know what they are talking about on the subject of swing speed." - Reto B

"When I began losing distance in my late fifties, I figured it was a matter of advancing age and didn't think there was much I could do about it. My drives were down from 240-260 yards to the 200-220 range, and I had to hit one or two clubs more on my other shots. But after using Jaacob Bowden's methods, my distance is nearly back to where it was five years ago. My drives are going 240 consistently, and I haven't sacrificed accuracy to get that extra length." - Joe B, 62 years old, 12 handicap

"I've been using your basic speed tips since I signed up and have gone from 95-100 on a regular basis to 110-115 pretty consistently but every now and then I'll hit 120+ during the same session." - Steve C

 "I started your training only 10 days ago and I can see and increase in distance from 240 to 270." - Ernesto C

"First of all I really enjoy your site. What is really awesome about it is the swing speed training,,simple and easy." - Jeremy A
"...by the way, your website is one of the best Iíve ever seen with REAL AND EFFECTIVE TRAINING METHODSÖ.no fluff, just good information! Youíve truly done your homeworkÖ" - Warren B
"Jaacob, enjoying the program. started at 96 now up to 117." - Tom M, 54 years old, 6 handicap
"Jaacob, this is some very valuable information. I am starting to see the light again thanks to you.” - Matt L, 22 years old
"I have already gone from around 110mph with my old driver to 117mph+ consistently with drives carrying around 310. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This should lower my handicap!" - Brent, 1 handicap

"Hi thanks for ur assistance ur guidance I've started hitting 30-40 yards more." - Dhruv R

"I had started your swing speed program 9 days ago and now hitting balls further and it gives me more confidence in hitting balls, will keep you posted." - Eng W
"Many thanks for your help and the info on this site. My swing speed is steadily getting better. Iím now in the 120ís on a regular basis." - Steve C, Super Senior

"Had finished your 37 days basic training program and can testifies that it was really great and it works well for me. Now I can easily drive about 270-280 yards which I only managed 250 before this program. Will continue your program and looking forward to see the 300 yds mark soon, thank you very much for your sharing, it is great and playing a round of golf is much easier now." - Chen W

"Over the last year I tend to hit the ball realitivly strainght , but not very long. Swing speed mid 80s to low 90s. After 3 weeksÖmy highes swing speed recorded is 117. My average swing speed is about 108 now and I still am looking to improve."- Steve E

"...my compliments on your speed training, ive been adding your stuff to my workouts, and it is top notch. Keep up the good work." - Eric P

"Jaacob helped me to increase my swing speed from an average of 103mph to an average of 110mph with just one ìlessonî while he was in my shop getting fitted for a 4 degree drive (I witnessed him "backing up" his old 7 degree driver by three feet!)." - Brad C, 51 years old, 19 handicap

"I have been at it for a little over 3 weeks and have seen at least a 10-20 yd improvement with most of drives!" - Anthony K
"I have only one word : GREAT!" - Phillippe B

 "You have made working out fun again! 131mph last night if the medicus power meter is accurate.  If not, at least its an 18mph increase over Decembers starting number..Thanks Again."- Randy C

"I have been doing the Basic Swing Speed Training Program for the last month with great results. I started with an average driver speed of 85-94 mph. I have been "stuck" for the last week on a maximum speed of 115-116 mph." - Dushi P

"Jaacob, I enjoy the site and I'm working on improving my swing speed. I've boosted it 10 mph so far." - Jim G, 8 Handicap

"Been doing your more advanced training routine and have gone from a max of 114MPH to a max of 131MPH in less than 3 weeks. Since my speed was pretty good before this I wasn't really expecting a lot of change so I'm really blown away by the program. Now upward to the 140's...thanks, great stuff" - Shanko

"Just spoke with a student of Dan's who I met in LA last year and who is soon to be a student of mine. He said he went from 95 max up to 122 on the SMG program. You are a miracle worker!!!!!" - John M

"I have been using your techniques along with some others and have managed to get my fastest speed up from 122 mph to 144 mph!" - Greg P

"Thank you for all your help, right now I´m in Mexico city hitting with all your help 400 yards carry at 2000 mts above the sea level with 140mph swing." - Rashid N

"Jaacob, First off, thank you for the great workout program. I can testify that if one follows your recommendations the swing speed will increase. I am now 62 years old and had open heart surgery, valve replacement, the last of Jan. 09. After the Dr. release, first of May, I started to work on my golf game and had an 85 mph swing speed. Summer of 08 my speed was 105 so I was disappointed that I had lost 20 mph. I started to use your program and within 6 weeks had improved to 115 mph. Golf season was in full swing then and I started working hard on other aspects of my game. My average swing speed is now 107 mph at the end of the golf season." - Reese B

"I have trained using Jaacob's programs for about 7 months. I have put in a lot of work on the speed training, but the results have been amazing. My swing speed avg. was about 112 when I started, with max of about 118. My new avg. is about 134 and my best has been 140. This year I made a double eagle with a 7 iron on a 565 yard par 5 to an elevated green and have finally shot some rounds in the 60's! Follow his programs, train hard, and you will get faster...much faster!" - Steve

"I enjoy your website and e-mails.  I am still working on my swing speed using your basic training and have a personal best speed of 121 mph (with no ball).  That’s a good jump from my initial 94 mph speed when I first started your program." -  Tony K

"i have been into your teaching for a about 5 weeks have gained 30 yards... i am in my 60s." - Stanley T

"Basic Speed Training, my start speed with driver 73mph. At the end of week three 86mph. still a week to go. Thanks" - Sam P

"Thanks for all the help on your website, The speed program has helped me tremendously." -  Tom R

"Just wanted to write about my experience. Tried this program for almost 3 weeks then Christmas came. Anyways My swingspeed was an average 93mph before the program. Just a week ago I decided to get back on the program, and just wanted to write down my swing speed. Took 10 swings with an average of 103MPH!!! With a top speed of 112mph!! I haven't touched a golf club since stopping the program first time. It's winter here in Denmark so I'm ready to try to get my average up to 112mph. Gotta Love It" - Mark F
"Your techniques are great and I gain a ton of yardage,thank you" -  Clifford L

"I wanted to email u and tell u my story I got into golf in Feb 2010, i joined ur site late june after doing ur basic program i took my swing speed from 93mph to 138mph i hit bombs all day again all i did was play football my whole life there wasnt alot i knew about golf. Im now doing long drive. I plan to go to my first event in montana on june. People cant believe the drives im doing i wanted to thank u for everything. Im currently trying to lose weight i go to the gym and do HIT training with swing fast to have a force growth U have made me a better golfer." - Eddie C

"I thought I would write a testimonial since I have been doing the program for just over 1 month and to my surprise have got the results promised. I was skeptical before I signed up but thought what they hey its a good price for a lifetime membership. I was even more skeptical when I joined and saw what the program actually consisted of. I thought there is no way that I am going to gain the yards the way the website promises with such an easy program. However after doing the program for one month and I went from 270 yd drives to 306. Thank you Jaacob" - Malcolm

"Hi Jaacob, I just wanted to say thank you for your site. I joined over the winter to find ways to improve my swing speed. I've gotten out a few times so far this year (NY weather is just now starting to improve), but wanted to tell you about my progression. Last year when I started training I had a swing speed in the low to mid 90's and hit an average drive of about 220 or so. Today my ss is around 115-120. The course I played today had two par 4's around 325 each. I was within 20 feet of the green on both! Thank you again Jaacob; it's a lot of work hitting 100-150 drives per day, but wow is it worth it!" - Ken S
"Thanks since by swing speed increased two weeks ago, my scores have dropped about 4 strokes to 76 -78. Much easier to hit greens now and I only practiced the faster swinging so far." - Lee G

"I had three students gain 30 plus mph using your system" - Darren DeMaille, PGA
"I have been able to compete again thanks to you...shot 70 in the US Open qualifier" - Bob Bigonette, PGA - Gained 18 mph over 10 weeks
"My club head speed increased 23 mph over a 10-week period! And believe it or not, the exercises improved my stability, allowing me to hit straighter too!” - Greg DuCharme, PGA

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