Review of Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons by TXG

TXG Tour Experience Golf just reviewed the Sterling Irons® single length irons.

Check out the video along with some great quotes pulled out that are listed below the video.

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4:26 – “I think that flew the exact same yardage. No, we did not press replay!”

7:24 - “Feeling good so far. Sound good. They really sound nice. Yeah, it’s not like you’re going to pick these up and they feel different than what you’d be expecting from a Titleist or something like that. They feel quite nice.”

8:14 – “It’s gotta be a massive value to literally anyone.”

12:35 – “You know one thing I’m definitely aware of here is these irons are not short. In terms of how far they go, they are quick.”

18:39 – “I really hate to admit it, I’m hitting these 1000 times better than my own irons.”

18:48 – “That’s flowing right on the number, 198 on the fly.”

18:58 –

“I wasn’t really expecting to hit really good shots, if I’m honest. I was a little worried about this test.”

“Is that right?”

“I kinda thought I would get to 7 and 6-iron and just be hitting like crap.”

“Well, the opposite has happened. You’re flushing these. You’re hitting them really really nice.”

19:46 – “I don’t see anyone that shouldn’t try them.”

20:29 – “Performance speaks for itself. If it works, then it’s worth a shot.”

20:40 – “If your ball striking is a weakness and striking and being inconsistent is the reason for that, this really is one solution you could look at.”

20:51 – “I think I’m making better contact for sure.”

20:52 – “I would 100% say that this is the cleanest full set test we’ve done.”

20:41 – “That’s as good as I can hit it.”

23:00 – “I think mission accomplished.”

23:11 – “Really good yardage gaps.”

23:44 – “I think it helped me be more consistent.”

23:50 - “That is about as consistent as I’ve gone through in a set of irons.”

24:04 – “I think there’s so much good engineering that went in to the head with what each club is engineered to do .”

25:28 – “I’m pleasantly surprised.”

25:46 - “It’s a true validation for the technology.”

26:24 - “I could tell you my own irons aren’t gapped that well.”

26:39 – “I think this was done properly.”

26:59 - “They are very competitive on price, obviously made of good materials, and clearly can be fit properly.”

Get your own set of Sterling Irons® here.

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