Golf Near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Staying in Santa Fe, New Mexico from July 18th-27th, 2019.

We checked out Meo Wolf…

Jaacob Bowden at Meo Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Caught some great thunderstorms…

Catching a great lightning storm at Rooftop Pizzeria in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I also got in quite a bit of golf while I was here.

1) First up was Las Campanas Golf Club - Sunrise Course. The ball really goes far at about 7,199 feet above sea level!

2) I got to play Towa Golf Club twice.

Towa Golf Club in Santa Fe, New Mexico

3) My favorite of the trip was at Black Mesa Golf Club, although it probably helps that I had my best round of the year thus far here.

Black Mesa Golf in Espanola, New Mexico

4) Lastly, I hit up Cochiti Golf Club.

Cochiti Golf Club in Cochiti, NM

On our arrival back in Washington, DC, we had a beautiful view of the Washington Monument, Reflection Pool, Capitol, and National Mall.

Beautiful view of the Washington Monument, National Mall, Capitol, and Reflection Pool

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